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Greetings Morella, 
I did it! Everyone must have been sleeping. It only took a half hour.(still stunned) OK, this is how to make one. 

Before you do anything, do this. Find Background. Fing images, if any, and find its size. Go to coolarchive and make logo's for text.(use a black back) Remember the size. Got the pieces, now off to IM. Now, type in addy of back and click View. It will come up and show its size. Go to the top of page and click Resize. When there don't worry about anything but the size. To get the size, add the width of the 2 eyes(113x2=226) plus the width of the biggest logo (280) and got 506 W. I used the height of the eyes 80. Resize to 506x80! you must put ( ! ) at the end or it won't resize. click Resize. Done. 

Now goto top of page and hit Composite. Type in image (proofread logo 280x50) select NW and type in ( +113+0) and select Atop. hit composite. Done Goto top and ckilk Composite Type in addy of #2 image( your ady logo 220x30) select South and delete +113+0. hit composite. done. Goto top hit Composite(the banner should have the back with the text on 2 lines centered) Type in eye addy select NW. Hit composite.Done Goto top, hit composite select NW +393+o, hit composite. Done. It should look like a banner. Goto top hit Decorate 3x3 Mediumseagreen Border hit Dec. Good. Goto top hit Dec. select Raise. hit Dec. Done. Goto top Dec. 2x2 Black Border Hit Dec. select Dec. 3x3 Seagreen Border Hit Dec. Goto top select Resize 400x60! (don't forget ( ! ) Goto top select Output   mutiple image Gif Hit output 

Click on completed image and goto StarBlvd. Animation must be the last thing aded to banner, also, you must output it as a multiple image. ( to shut off ani, output as single image) This is harder to explain then do. Once you play with it, you'llunderstand more. Well, I better give you the addy before I forget Hope you like it, later, Nevar 

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Group: Date: Wed, Apr 14, 1999, 10:59pm (EDT-1) From: (Frater I.O. Pan) Re: An Answer to the Grey Box. On a web page of your own create the same thing that you would have in your sig block:       In MXs case this would be: src=" ad2/mid/spells.mid" autostart=true loop=true> NOTE: Loop is the number of times that you want the midi that is playing to loop and requires either a numerical value (1-100) or the value of "infinite" for a continuous loop.   This must be writen in "" marks such as loop="100" or loop="infinite".


   Now then name that as a file name of your liking..   We'll say the file name for this is: Now in your sig block place the following: This should take care of the little grey box that you are getting on the screen.   =-)


   Message From: (phantasm) Date: Sat, Apr 10, 1999, 12:33am To: Subject: Re: Anyone have a pc and wtv? The best way Ive found t eliminate black boxes in posts is to write the entire sig in a table using this format: body background="http://of background image" text="COLOR">
< embed src="PLACE MIDI OR WAV HERE" autostart="true" loop="?"> This almost always works for me...the black box usually doesn't show up in e-mail...only in posts. Hope this helps. PHANTASM_66

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Embedding the page in your sig can actually make it take alot longer to load. The text won't come up until all of the html is completely loaded. That isn't such a big deal unless someone uses a ton of codes. I think using width and height tags would solve the problem and it allows the text to show up while your images are loading. To get your width and height tags for an image: 1-Go to your image. 2-Bring up your goto box and goto this url tripod/~bflo/w-h.html 3-It will show you exactly how your img code is supposed to look. Copy it and put it in your sig...or page. It'll make your pages load faster too.
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Group: alt.discuss.html Date: Thu, Apr 22, 1999, 9:59pm From: (Mc MeGaMiXeR) Re: aligning text on borderd background Here's a way to align text using a table :) body background="url of bordered bg" text="name of a color">

Text,images, whatever :)
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