New Year Greetings from Zahir

Look in any dictionary for "Friend" and you'll see all kinds of definitions. But the most important one isn't there. "Friend" means "hope." Happy New Year..

Christmas Greetings

From: "Mike Romkey"

Happy holidays! Wed, 23 Dec 1998

Have a scary Christmas...


Remember that Hope Remains...

Here's something that may comfort...

One thing life teaches us, without doubt and with endless that surprise is normal, the unexpected *does* happen, and the future will not be what we fear.

Remember that "Hope" remains...

To David/Zahir

My tears are dark and bloody,
   And shared with but a few;
I thank the Gods and Goddess
   That steered my Path to you...

Always & Ever,

With Thanks... 
To:  Morella

I don't have a great 
   many real friends,
but I'm blessed 
   in being able 
      to call you one.  

From:  David 

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