Welcome to Vampyre Dreams....I am Morella, and I will be your guide into the beautiful darkness....

Our show covers the underground vampyre and goth communities, as well as other subcultures like the fetish & sm/bd scene, gay/bi/drag queens, pagan/occult, and body mod. We showcase videos and vampyre art, poetry, music, fashion, movies, books, events, and all the beautiful and mysterious Children of the Night. Vampyre Dreams airs weekly in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island:

Manhattan: Tues. night, 2:00 am, Ch. 56;

Brooklyn: Wed. night, 12:30 am, Ch. 35 or 68;

Staten Is: Mon. night, 11:00 pm, Ch. 57.

We invite you to share your fantasies with us; please feel free to send us videotapes (or audio) of your creative endeavors. We will edit and present your work according to your wishes. Come enter the realm of real vampyres and those who love them... if you dare...

To send correspondence, please write to:

Vampyre Dreams, PO Box 131657, Staten Island, NY 10313.

You can also submit any performances, art, writings, ideas or vampyre dreams of your own on videotape to the same address.

I am your hostess Morella; I love to interview fascinating artists of all types,
and I write dark poetry and fiction of my own. New York is my home now,
but my heart remains where I used to live in my beloved French Quarter...
visit my new Edgar Allan Poe page to learn more...

Our bats will fly your email to us; they are very well trained....

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Vampyre Dreams
PO Box 131657
Staten Island, NY 10313

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