Public Access TV

Public access tv is a medium where citizens of a community that receive cable television can make their own programming. Most of the shows seen on public access tv consist of weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, local church gatherings, political dialogues, and other such mundane matters. But there is a flip side to this...

Some of the most ingenious and unique programming also happens on public access tv. You can find shows done by drag queens, dominatrixes, local bands, various artists trying to get some publicity, and other lunatics going all out to simply amuse or offend their local commuinties. There is a certain limit to what one can get away with on public access, but it seems that every city or town has their own rules and guidelines for its producers. Below you will find some links to websites about public access tv. We hope they help you in learning more about it. You can also call your local library and ask them if they have info on the nearest public access facilities in your area.

The story of our involvement with public access tv is pretty simple. We videotape our show using our own equipment (a home video VHS-C camcorder and a $20 hand microphone). I (Asif) have a regular scheduled weekly slot of 4 hours of editing time at the Staten Island public access tv station (CTV). That's where I edit the show, using equipment that allows me to do fades, sound boosting, graphics, and a few other techniques that I have yet to learn. I edit the tape from VHS-C onto 3/4" inch tape, which is used for broadcasting in most boroughs, as it has better clarity and depth than regular vhs videotape.

When I've finished the edit, I dub the show onto another 3/4" inch tape; then I have two copies of the show ready for broadcast. One tape goes to CTV, and the other goes to Manhattan public access tv (MNN). We also cycle the tapes from Manhattan to Brooklyn public access (BCAT). That's how we manage to air Vampyre Dreams in three different boroughs.

People are always asking me how and where Morella and I find the stuff that we feature on the show. You just have to be there, and show respect toward those who live in the scene.... that's how we get to tape so many fascinating guests and events on Vampyre Dreams TV.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we make this show, you can email me at

You can go to the Alliance web site to find a public access station in your town.

Or you can go to the Open Channel webpage to get info on the global public access community.

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