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Proofreading at Reasonable Rates

Is What You Have to Say Worth $20?

If you have something to tell the world, make sure that you say it in such a way as to command the attention and the respect that your words deserve!

Almost everyone can benefit from the services of an experienced proofreader like myself. English is a complex and subtle language, and the slightest variation in words or style can sometimes dramatically alter the meaning of the written word.

If you have a commercial website, then you have invested time and money into bringing visitors and potential customers to your website. Why risk making an unnecessary unfavorable impression with awkward, or even incorrect, grammar, spelling, or syntax? Even if you are among the fortunate few who make no mistakes in your writing, are you confident that the words flow smoothly in the sentences, and the sentences convey what you wish to say in a clear, concise, and eloquent manner?

Please contact me if you have the slightest reservations about your own command of the language. My rates are very reasonable, and I will be happy to explain all the changes that I suggest, so that you may continue in your writing without further assistance. It gives me great pleasure to assist in awakening the inner writer's voice in others.... the inborn ability to entertain and captivate by story-telling which we all possess.

I check my e-mail every day, and I will reply to your inquiries promptly. If your writing is on a website, please make sure that you send me the url so that I may look it over before I respond to you.

If you would like me to proofread a written paper for school, or a resume or proposal for professional purposes, please e-mail me. When you send me your work by e-mail, I can usually return it to you within 24 hours. We can also make arrangements to fax the material, if you prefer.

I am also an experienced writer, having won several contests with my prose and poetry; and my works have been published in magazines and books. If you are a beginning or established writer who would like my professional opinion on your work, please contact me. Besides critiquing your writing, I might be able to point you toward a few paying markets on the web. (If you are interested in selling your work, Writer's Market is an invaluable resource for writers of all kinds).

Writing should be fun for everyone, but for too many people it is often a discouraging task to be dreaded and avoided. I try to encourage everyone I know to express themselves with their own unique voice. Most of the time, you will just need a little guidance and encouragement to find that you too can enjoy expressing yourself through the written word!

For those who honor me with their trust, I make it my solemn duty to fulfill their requirements and exceed their expectations to the best of my ability. Your satisfaction and approval are always guaranteed.

Please allow me the opportunity to help you express yourself to the world... whether you have a commercial or personal website, papers important to your school or career, or a letter that may change your life... say what you wish to say, and say it well! I am at your service; just say the word...

Yours in Elegant Eloquence,



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