The Vampyre Dreams Scrapbook


When in the summer of 1997 my partner Morella and I decided to team up to make a show called "Vampyre Dreams", we had no idea of what lay ahead of us. We were well aware of the respective vamp & goth scenes in the NYC area, and Morella had been involved with another vampyre tv show a year earlier. When I rang her doorbell that first time, I was a student doing research on the vampire phenomenon. She opened the door and stood there looking like the most endearing vamp I'd ever seen..... even then, something inside told me that I had found a partner, and a friend.....

After a few weeks of getting to know each other and bouncing around ideas, we decided to do the show together... how could we have imagined that we were beginning a journey, one which would lead us to encounter so many talented and generous people, who would share with us their genuis. We ended up making many great friends, as we became more and more a part of this imaginative, creative, and yes, enlightened subculture which thrives in modern times...

This is the Vampyre Dreams Scrapbook, an informal journal of our experiences while making the show. Vampyre Dreams is a project born out of devotion to a genre, a subculture, a dream..... and bred in a deep respect, and a feeling of kinship, with the beautiful and strange creatures that inhabit this nighttime world.

The show is made in NYC and thus usually covers the local goth and vamp scenes (NOT the same thing, boys & girls, we're here to tell you!). We also like to feature happenings in the fetish scene, S & M, body modification, alternative religions and lifestyles, vamp theater, and drag queens (if we left anyone out, just contact us about being on the show!)

In the Scrapbook, you will find journeys into various places, insights into the people that make this scene happen, and information about the talents, mysticism, and charisma that bring this underground subculture to life. You will meet some of the incredible people that have shared their talents and their love of the dark with us; they help us make the show what it is, and there is no end to the variety and the challenges that they provide. Without them, the show would fade into the mundane world that we all strive to leave behind, at least for a little while...

To all those who have been a part of Morella and Bill's "Vampyre Dreams", we extend our heartfelt gratitude.... thank you all. Listen to the Children of the Night....what music they make.... may they live forever, in our "Vampyre Dreams"....

Another purpose of the scrapbook is to convey a sense of what it's like making Vampye Dreams. We want to share with you some of the experiences that we've had in making a show that covers the vamp/goth scene, s&m, body modification, alternative lifestyles, drag queens, and various kinds of avant garde exhibitions and events. The only way we can do this is to spotlight the people, artists, bands, places, and events that we cover on our show. The scrapbook is divided into five sections:






But first a word about public access tv and what's it all about. Public access tv is a way for people to be able to show off their talents and also bring to light their concern via cable tv. It's a way for ordinary folks to be able to have their own channel on tv where they make the shows happen. For anyone who vetures forth into this foray let it be known that its not an easy ride. Making a show for public access, especially when it's just two people doing the whole thing by themselves (taping, editing, settings things up, delivering tapes to all the stations on time, etc.), can take over your life. It's hard work and sometimes quite frustrating; but we do it because it gives us an outlet to express what we feel is important.

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