My Life in Music and Poetry

This page will introduce you to my greatest passion:
my Music...

Pictured below are the Front Cover of my CD

"Dark Side of my Mind"

...and the Back Cover of my CD

"Into the Vortex"

The style of my Songs is hard to describe...
How does one describe Music anyway?
Each Song has its own unique vibe and style,
so categorizing them into one 'label' or genre is very limiting and could be misleading.

Some (earlier) Songs are definitely dark, moody and slow ~
and some of the newer Songs (no one has heard them yet) are a lot heavier and faster...
A few terms that fit the music would be:

"New Age Dark-Rock" ~
"Dark, ambient Synth-Pop", and
"Gothic/Industrial with a Twist..."

Available soon on CD and Cassette

Check back here for information on how to order...

All Music and Words written, arranged,
performed and recorded by

Visions of ShaShana

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My Lips will show the Way....

This way to Vampyre Dreams....