The Poetry of Princess Black

aka Sky Claudette Soto

All Poems First American Publishing Rights Only


I see a vision so pale, so cold, 
   so tempestuous in my understanding 
I sense the utterance Nosferatu....Nosferatu 

I am a part of the first vampyre drink...
   drink my life. 

^^^^^^^^ Strange dreams of the green fairy 
   as the ice falls I see a waterfall of colors 
I see I'm floating off the ground ... 
   my hearing is amplified 
      by the sounds of the night...... 

Is this an illusion 
   am I hallucinating ..... 
I want you now 
the little devil in the bottle says ....
   I need you now....... 

I feel open... tell me what you feel..... 
It's like fire water from the earth....     
It makes me want to write .....
   it makes me want to take my ear off 
      and send it back to you....
         gift wrapped. 


I can feel the pain inside 
   lurking beneath my soul;       
      rules by which I could not abide. 

A cerise feeling rising up against my veins; 
    you find ways to mortify my thoughts ~ 

A provocative plunder of a sacrifice;  
    your actions made me think twice. 

As a voracious attraction came from within, 
    our affection was a chain 
       that could not be broken~ 

You became prurient, 
    bringing yourself into a state of valor. 

Upon blood and thunder, 
    a shadow of fear tears my soul, 
      Bringing me close to morality, 
          I feel pity within. 

Perfect Flesh~Unadorned Hatred

As ye disrobe 
   I see the perfect flesh 
      as my tongue hungers.....   

I lacerate your heedful possession 
   for thou know how precious 
      thee had become 

Are ye belonging to my love 
   I think not; only for ye to succumb   
      to thy unadorned hatred..... 

Drink from my informal love
   Sacrifice my soul .......
      my sweetness.

_~Kissed by a Ghost~_

Kissed by a ghost, hands of the devil,   
   upon your flesh circling overhead 
      clinging to the ground 
while sluts and whores pass you by 
   candles lit in your head   
      feeling passions of the night...... 

Bells a tolling in the winter air 
   shivering death, shivering pain 
your tears are made of sweat 
   your breasts are made to eat 
take me in your arms. 
   let your muscles wrap me down. 

Seeping through my shallow hole 
   seeping through my tainted hole 
      take your nails, scar my soul 

Black mask ripping through diamond eyes 
   scare me straight. 

_~Cemetary Love~_

I see it fit to live in darkness
   to let the moon gaze upon my eyes
      while I hindrance through a cemetary;

Barefoot into a field of poppies 
   my eyes glazed over 
      wondering what death would be like,
as I sip droplets of blood 
   from this chalice I hold in my right.

As you creep through this silence
   I see golden angels
      wallowing through this darkened forest.

Forgive me as I step into your land;
   I am as decadent as thee. 

_*Humble Beginnings*_

I see it entwined 
    a sculpted figure incarcerated 
       standing above me 

Humble beginnings have begun 
    in a forest filled with trees.

Is this the only one you show yourself to~ 
   You ponder away from me 
      as a reflection on a mirrored wall 
Stand above me, float above me 
   like fairies coming from another world. 

You are what I want to see 
    unhorse the ascendency~ 
Unhorse, soiled, yet unadorned ascendency, 
    as a sculpted figure stands above me. 

Humble beginnings have begun 
    in a forest filled with trees. 

Sky Claudette Soto
A.K.A. Princess Black.    


As I see her glancing at me 
   with her moonlit eyes as dark as pearls 
       from down beneath the sea,
and her hair as black as a raven 
    with streaks of ice
       flowing over her golden skin,  
as fresh as a summer day 
     as she wallows in the winter nights~ 

Beneath the earth she rides 
   as her chariot comes closer
like a teardrop in the clouds,
     like a lonely soul,
          like a vampyre hungry for blood~ 

Chasing her dreams, catching her dreams,
      I see her on winters eve.             . 

Sky Claudette Soto

First American Publishing Rights Only