Welcome to my Vampyre Dreams....

I am your hostess, Morella.... behind me, you will find information about NYC's own vampyre
& gothic tv show... Vampyre Dreams TV delights in portraying these denizens of the night
in all their dark beauty... but do not confuse the two... for though they have much in common,
there are differences that run deep... enter, and immerse yourself in our world...

Leave your fears behind... the Night is calling.... The Darkness beckons... Take my hand...

Let me introduce you to Manhattan's most famous vampyre couple,
Prince Vlad & Princess Black. They have appeared many times in various articles,
film, and tv shows, and you can see them on the cover of the new videotape version
of the silent film classic, "Nosferatu". Follow Vlad & Sky to read their recent interview
in the January '99 issue of "Cosmopolitan" magazine. The article entitled "Vamping with Vampires"
also features many of the regulars at the Fang Club Gotham, which is hosted by Mother nightclub
every Thursday night in Manhattan. The Fang Club is often seen on Vampyre Dreams TV;
I think you'll find it most interesting...

If you love the words of the immortal Poe, please indulge yourself
in my very own Edgar Allan Poe page, which is now on my BrainLINK.com website,
free of annoying ads and popups! You can visit my favorite Poe sites,
read one of my own poems in the Poe vein, and find out
why Poe is indeed the quintessential goth....

Would you like to read Poe's story "Morella"?

This beautiful Night Angel Award comes from Marjorie Black,
a most talented, expressive, and lovely young lady.
Please visit her exquisite Soul Tears website for a journey into Beauty & Art you will long remember...

Check out the Black Heart Award from the incredible realm of Vampire Confidential!
My heartfelt thanks to the VampRocker; I promise you will LUV his website;
It has everything you could want to know about vampires, and more...
Don't dare forget to visit it... and don't say I didn't warn you....

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Visit the Vampyre Dreambook, and look upon the lovely face of darkness.....

The blue batbars on this page are the original work of Victoria Gwaed;
Follow her Blue Angel to see more of the beautiful Gothic Grafix and artwork
to be found on her new ThreeThirteen.net website.

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Visit Amanda's Castle for a wondrous assortment of fantasy graphics & cyberpets...
I found the Vampyre Dreambook Scroll there....

The incredible raven and spider animations on this website are the work of Lisa Konrad;
Check out the fabulous dragons, snakes, and other graphics at her Animation Arthouse website..

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